Do you have a writing project in your mind but don’t know how or where to start?

Are you a writer looking to tackle a new and different project?

Would you like to find someone to help you wade through the publishing process so that your book project can finally see the light of day?

Or do you simply love to learn from other authors and writers?

I love teaching and talking about the process almost as much as I love writing itself. For the past two decades, I’ve taught writing classes, courses, and organized workshops on food and culinary writing, as well as magazine feature writing. I currently teach cookbook writing and food writing through Pandemic University. (It’s real; see here.) I am also available for manuscript and book proposal consultation, as well as on-going individual and small group coaching sessions for writers of any experience level.

My consultation and teaching style is collegial and collaborative. We all have expertise and experience to share, regardless of our publishing track record. Collaborative and inclusive discussions bear the most fruit in my experience. So that is how I approach teaching. I provide the resources and launch the discussions. Having been a magazine freelancer, a magazine editor, and a published author of three books, I share my failures and successes equally, but the group dynamics and the roundtable sharing is the most productive and most value-per-hour-spent I have found.

Do you have a request for a specific request for a writing class?

Are you interested in a quote for private or small group writing coaching?

I reserve a portion of my teaching time for writers who have valuable projects in mind but who can’t afford consultation fees. (We need to address the lack of diversity of voices in the food writing and publishing world. Do not be afraid to ask.)

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    • Bachelor of Arts (Hons), University of Alberta, 1993
    • Simon Fraser University Summer Publishing Program 2009
    • Founder, Okanagan Food & Wine Writers Workshop 2009-2016 (currently on hiatus)
    • Faculty at Pandemic University*

*Not a real university, but incredibly awesome

There’s no one I would rather take a food writing course from than Jennifer Cockrall-King. As a book publisher I can confirm that her skills as a writer and storyteller are stellar. Her book proposal and manuscript preparation knowledge is second to none, and you’re so much more likely to land that book deal or article if you’re taking her advice. Not to mention, she’ll make the whole thing fun.

Taryn BoydPublisher, TouchWood Editions

After attending Jennifer’s Food and Wine Writers’ Workshops, I went on to write a Taste Canada-award-winning cookbook and a World Gourmand award-winning food travel book. The workshops and Jennifer’s mentoring gave me what I needed to go for it!

Karen AndersonAuthor of A Spicy Touch, Food Artisans of Alberta, and founder/president of Alberta Food Tours

Early in my writing career, Jennifer taught me an awareness of story; helped understand the value proposition for each participant in a transaction and a relationship; and coached and encouraged me. She helped me grow my writing from zero to pushing 400 published articles, and has helped me make a bit of money along the way. Jennifer has constantly delivered evergreen lessons worth multiple returns on the cost of admission.

Timothy FowlerChef, freelance writer, and podcaster (Elevate Your Game)

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